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Those would've been terrible last words..
30 October 2007 @ 00:35
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I love this so much.
I hear: 'The Stone Rose', because Idon't remember how far I got last night..
Those would've been terrible last words..
17 October 2007 @ 00:27
I hear: 'Strawberry Fields' - Across the Universe OST
Those would've been terrible last words..
14 October 2007 @ 23:56


I hear: 'Strawberry Fields', Across the Universe Soundtrack.
Those would've been terrible last words..
14 October 2007 @ 19:04
Okay , so I've been bored. One of the things I gravitate towards when I'm bored are all those little online personality quizzes. Because.. They're fun, and why not? I don't know.
I thought this was pretty interesting. Especially since it fits. Exactly. I mean, honestly. It's almost like they were writing about me, specifically. A bit bizarre, but fun.

'Occupation?' 'Al Hazard.'Collapse )

And if you figure out the wordplay in the cut, I'll love you forever. I don't know that many people who can figure out my bizarre mashing, mangling, and general disreguard of the english language.
I hear: Tennant in DW 2x09, because I'm trying to figure how he does that with his voice
Those would've been terrible last words..
12 October 2007 @ 17:54
..but I have no money, and I'm too peevish to tolerate the ads.

But! I believe I am really rather allowed to be a bit bemused by these results..

'And thus the Martian Manhunter Exploded in a Field of Conflicting Continuities.'Collapse )
I hear: about six songs in my head at once. Yes, it's very noisy at the moment..
Those would've been terrible last words..
11 October 2007 @ 18:12
Dear My-Livejournal,

I'm sorry it's been so long. I feel I've neglected you, and I'd like to give you some sort of appeasement because of that. Therefore, I'm going to be leaving you my latest fanvid. I'm rather happy with it, so I think it'll work out rather well. It's a nice little Doctor Who - what else? - video to Placebo's 'Running Up That Hill'. I heard about forty seconds of it at the end of last week's CSI, and started working on the vid about three days later. About twenty-work-hours later, seven of which were spent trying to get Windows Movie Maker to save the damn thing properly, here I am, presenting you - my Livejournal - with a nice little fanvid. I do hope you enjoy it, and that it shall be enough to barter my forgiveness from you.

Download from Megaupload here.
Or, click to view the video on youtube.
I hear: DINKY - Part Two
Those would've been terrible last words..
05 August 2007 @ 14:51
My brother just wrong-numbered 911. Honestly. He was trying to dial the area code to check his voice mail, and his finger slipped. The conversation, as it was relayed to me, went as follows.

'911, what's your emergency?'
'Uh.. What?'
'911, what's your emergency?'
'Er. I think I dialed the wrong number..'

At which point the operator laughed at him, he apologised, and both hung up in a better mood than perhaps they had been. 

He is such a dork.. This is the same boy, who, when calling to order a pizza, asked how the Papa John's worker was doing that evening before remembering he was supposed to be ordering. Such a sweet lad, if a bit too innocent for himself.
I hear: 'Breathe You In', by Stabbing Westward
Those would've been terrible last words..
24 July 2007 @ 09:58
(Just to add a totally unrelated note to this post, I had three favourite characters in Harry Potter. Three. I figured that by the end of the series, having had one of these three since the first book, and two since the third, that at least one of them would have been left standing. NOPE! Rowling's gone and killed them all off, one book at a time.. XD)

I've been feeling unwell lately. Not just physically, but in a deeper sense.

I hear: 'Free to Change Your Mind', by Regency Buck.